Yabo Electrics Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, it is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in manufacturing low-voltage electrical industry, molds and plastic products, product quality by the ISO9001 international quality guarantee system control. Plant area of 16,000 square meters, and strong technical force. Mold processing equipment imported Switzerland Charmilles slow Sijia, mirror spark machine, Mikron CNC machining center, Japan Makino high-speed CNC machining center, Sodick slow Sijia, HT100-HT150-wide computer-injection equipment 27 units, Y71 (63T -200T) series of plastic products hydraulic machine 6, Hexagon coordinate measuring instrument and other advanced equipment for the production of high-quality precision plastic mold (thermoset injection molding, thermoplastic injection molding, DMC resin molded mold) and product processing, to provide a reliable quality assurance. Molds, production of contact parts and the nation's largest low-voltage electrical manufacturing companies, some foreign low-voltage electrical manufacturers supporting。

      In order to better support services and develop new markets, the company set up in 2010 to invest in a wholly owned subsidiary of Lakes jiaxin nanhu Jiaxing Ya Electric Co., Ltd., the company based on a high starting point, vigorously develop new markets, develop new products. The company has a strong technical force, and specialized in precision mold design, development, production of the elite teams. The major products include thermosetting plastic injection, molding, injection pressure, the thermoplastic injection mold manufacturing and product processing. Products are sold around the world, high-quality products and good reputation for the company to win the customer's trust and favor, and for the company's steady development has laid a strong foundation.Yabo
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